6 Ways To Increase Parent Involvement in School

By December 28, 2016Blog

Ideally, a parent would be present in every classroom every day. They should be observing and participating in the educational process. But apparently, this is not always the case. How do teachers get parents to participate more in school matters? Teachers shouldn’t be intimidated whenever parents observe how they teach.

Teachers should know comprehensive ways on how to work with parents. They have to overcome parent resistance because of work pressure.

For teachers, here are some tips to increase parent involvement:

1. Connect parents and schools
The idea is to nurture parenting and teaching skills of young parents even before children reach school age. Teachers can make home visits by a parent-educator for the first three years of the child’s life. This way, children will be educated early on and parents will take part at this learning from the beginning.

2. Create an organizational structure
Failure to create an organizational structure will make parents feel that they’re lost. A good idea is for schools to offer parent involvement workshops, led by teachers or parents. Parents should also be accountable to create a parent-friendly atmosphere, not just the teachers.

Parents can make a PTA office right in the building. They have bulletin boards and ask from suggestions from teachers.

3. Consider parents’ time
Due to time restrictions, parents cannot attend school stuff. In the US, there’s a movement which allows employees paid time off to visit and volunteer at the school. Many teachers are parents. , too, should be given time off work to visit their own children’s schools so that parents can spend a few after-work hours at school helping teachers prepare materials for future lessons, decorate classrooms, inventory supplies.

Make it convenient and social. Parents who contribute a lot of time to a school should be recognized and rewarded by the school.

4. Encourage fathers to participate
Schools should make an announcement that fathers are welcome to participate; and businesses, professional organizations, churches and synagogues, police, firefighters and high schools to help recruit men as volunteer childhood educators.

5. Identify and support leaning environments
Family learning shouldn’t be encouraged in schools alone. Public libraries can also be utilize, as well as medical fitness centers. Community volunteers can be given training in selecting and presenting children’s books, in using puppets, flannel boards and other special techniques. These centers can nurture partnerships with community groups, churches and businesses.

5. Learning centers
A neighborhood reading program, for instance can be a good idea with the help of neighbourhood parents. Older kids can be tutors to younger children. The notion is simple: With the help of neighborhood parents, older kids and enlists them as reading tutors to younger children.


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