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Brief about Dubai Schools & Childcare 2019

The 3rd Annual Dubai Schools and Childcare Expo is a one-stop platform for the entire families’ needs under one roof.

The Schools & Childcare Show is an event that draws together private schools, international schools, preschools, nurseries and educational institutions all under one roof.

The show has participants from all over Dubai, and other reputable international entities that will be there to present their education systems, curriculum, facilities, costs, and advantages. This show gives parents the opportunity to stop at the exhibition stands, gathers information to be able to select the best education system for their child.

Attending Schools & Childcare Show will not only give you the chance to meet with parents and potential students, but it will also help you engage with them through the various event activities which include keynote sessions, seminars, play areas and stage entertainment acts.

In addition to event participation, Groovy Events will host a networking session exclusive to Schools & Childcare Show exhibitors. It will offer a unique platform for those who wish to share information and network with other schools, nurseries, and providers relevant to the industry.


11-12 Jan 2019

10 am – 6 pm


Dubai World

Trade Centre

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Dubai Schools & Childcare Show



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