Sustainability Curriculum To Be Added To All UAE Schools

By December 4, 2016Blog, News

A new climate change and sustainability programme will be implemented across the UAE’s schools, Ministers announced this week.

The new addition to all public and private school curricula will teach children about climate change, sustainability and how to help save the environment.

It is hoped that the students will then take the message into UAE homes and help cross-generational awareness of the subject.

The programme is a joint venture between the new Ministry of Climate Change, the Environment Agency and the Ministry of Education.

The course components will be added to various subjects already taught in schools, these include economics and science, Gulf News has reported.

The pilot programme will start next year in several private and public schools across the country.

Thani Ahmad Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, told the publication, “Some of the main challenges that we’re facing, waste management, [use of] chemical pesticides, the safety of foods; these all are going to be part of the curriculum.”

“For sure, water is going to have a big chunk of the focus because of the scarcity of water in this region,” he added.

He went on to say, “The ministry works to educate the young generation about the ongoing efforts at local and global levels to combat climate change issues and the concrete steps taken by the nation and the global community such as the UAE’s Green Agenda and Paris Agreement.”